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Improve Patients’ Satisfaction and Compliance
Reduce Readmissions
We at KangarooHealth believe that caring for patients throughout the continuum of care is job one. KangarooHealth does this by offering an intelligent rehabilitation care system that allows hospitals to extend personalized care in patients’ homes after surgery without any additional overhead. We help providers reduce readmission rates and win in the value-based care model.

Using our motion capture and analysis system, we provide quicker, automatic patient evaluations. This allows physical therapists to spend more time in patient training. With the ability for patients to take the system home, a provider is able to reduce the number of in-person sessions, thereby creating more capacity. Increased capacity and time spent in patient training results in higher margins.


Spend More Time Training

Quick, automatic functional outcome assessment means you spend more time in patient training. This leads to higher margins.


Increase Your Clinic Capacity

Move patients towards at-home care with KangarooHealth, leading to fewer in-clinic sessions per patients with same reimbursement. This increases your clinic capacity, allowing you to see more patients and increasing your margins.

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We are PhD scientists, software ninjas, visionary leaders, healthcare experts, serial entrepreneurs, business gurus. We are on a mission to make healthcare more accessible to a broader population and establish standards of care and best practices.

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